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Palazzo Pianciani, Spoleto
Palazzo Pianciani, Spoleto
Palazzo Pianciani, the largest historical residence in the historic town of Spoleto, is the headquarters of the Banca Popolare di Spoleto. The architecture of the current building dates from the XVII - XVIII century. The purchase of the building by the Bank took place in 1977, and the building was used to hold the executive offices of the bank. The seismic phase occurred in 1997-1998 caused the partial unavailability of the palace, forcing the Bank to start restoration works in 2005.
The restoration of Palazzo Pianciani, which is the context of the lighting fixtures installed by Ailati Lights, led to the recovery of a final surface of 8,343 sq.m., with two main floors, a new staircase modernly designed, three elevator shafts and a space for exhibitions and conferences.
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