Ai Lati Lights
A collection of wall lamps with a matt white painted die-cast aluminium fixture, a satin finish polycarbonate diffuser and a LED light source.


Dimensioni Power LED Assorbimento Lumen Lamp Watt MAX Dimmer Colour temperature Lamp connection
15x5x11 cm - 5,5x1,9x4,3 in 6W 6,7W 425lm
26x5x11 cm - 10,2x1,9x4,3 in 12W 12,5W 767lm
42,5x5x11 cm - 16,7x1,9x4,3 in 16W 16,6W 772lm
Energie Etiketten Drucken
Energy efficiency labeling of our luminaires:
The EU Regulation No. 874/2012 requires that beginning from March 1, 2014, each lamp found on your display be labeled with an EU energy label. Energy is now an integral part of every purchase decision. For this reason, correct energy labeling has become an important marketing tool. As a manufacturer of high-end luminaires, we therefore attribute great importance to ensuring that the luminaires we produce are labeled correctly beginning from March 1.
Of course, we provide labels for our products and we have decided to do this by electronic means as provided for in the Regulation.
Together with other leading international lighting manufacturers, we use the online portal to provide labels in electronic form. You will find there our labels and labels from many other manufacturers.
Our dealers can access this portal for free. They only need to register once.
The special thing about the portal is that you can print the labels directly from the portal. Up to 10 labels are automatically positioned on a standard A4 sheet in a way to fit onto the usual label sheet on your inkjet or color laser printer.

Additional interesting information on the topic of energy efficiency labeling can be found at