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Federico De Majo - Lampes a Porter
Light is poetry and emotions. Why not take it with us to every room and context, so we are never without it?
It's not only about following a trend but also about trying to encourage a way of experiencing reality and its moments to the full, while offering all the functions that new technologies make available to us. This philosophy has led Federico de Majo to develop a collection of portable rechargeable lamps, which is increasingly extensive and can be used in various contexts.

If you are looking for a portable lamp… look for Zafferano!
The collection of portable lamps by Zafferano is based on diversification and a variety of solutions that make us confident of being acknowledged today among the specialists in this new lighting segment.

Study, research and passion: the Poldina table lamp has soon developed into lamp, pendant and floor lamp versions, and is now flanked by a wide range of rechargeable, dimmable LED lamps with "touch" controls, also suitable for outdoor use, each with its own personality and characteristics: Ofelia and Olivia, characterized by IP65, with various functions, including a dimmer function; Dama, inspired by midcentury design, which also includes recharging for mobile devices; the technological Sister Light and the newborn Pina, designed primarily for the HoReCa sector; and the “Pro” versions, available for some table models, which are recharged by placing them on a pad.
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