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Pencil: a new lighting system
Pencil: a new lighting system
07 October 2021
Pencil is a battery-operated portable and rechargeable lighting module, available in three sizes. Thanks to its dedicated accessories, it can become a floor, table, wall and pendant lamp.
Equipped with a LED light source, Pencil creates an intense, well-directed light ideal for public and private spaces, also outdoors (IP65). Its fixture, with a pentagonal cross-section, is made of white, corten or dark grey painted extruded aluminium. The diffuser is in satin opal polycarbonate.
Its 4-step dimmer touch control allows you to accurately adjust the lighting in a room and choose the light colour temperature, 2700-3350-4000° Kelvin (dynamic white).
Pencil can be recharged in two ways: either with the battery charger (see image on page 10) or in the
docking station, connected to a battery charger (see image on page 12).
Thanks to a state-of-the-art LED circuit board, an electronic control system monitors the remaining autonomy and ensures a constant luminous flux until the battery runs out. Recharging is therefore optimised and always properly done. The battery lasts 8h - 58h, depending on the luminous flux setting. At 3.16A, recharging times are 6h for the small
module, 9h for the medium module and 12h for the large module.
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