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Swap: new battery-operated portable and rechargeable table lamp
Swap: new battery-operated portable and rechargeable table lamp
24 January 2022
Swap is a battery-operated, portable and rechargeable table lamp designed by Studio Kairos and Federico de Majo.
Available in two finishes, white and black, Swap is distinguished by its elegant and essential line, which can be customized thanks to a range of interchangeable glass lampshades or a fabric “handkerchief” which are attached to the top of the lamp with a suction cap:
  • Dots: a line of handcrafted, blown borosilicate glass lampshade, in clear glass with relief decorations in white, black, amber or blue,;
  • Marylin: a soft lampshade made of fireretardant elastic fabric, which is washable and crease-resistant, with zig-zag edging. It has a polycarbonate disc that allows the fabric to be firmly attached to the lamp.
Like the other models in the catalogue, Swap has a LED light source, which can be dimmed using a touch button that also controls the on/off function. It can be recharged on the special contact charging base, and its lithium batteries are replaceable. Set at maximum power, Swap emits light for about 13 hours. It takes about 6 hours (at 1A) to fully recharge the batteries.
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