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Federico De Majo - Zafferano
Zafferano, an Italian company directed by Federico de Majo, has been creating collections of tasting glasses and tableware in glass and porcelain since 2001.

This is a company in which creativity and Italian design make up the basis for product design and realization of objects created not only to be functional and decorative but also to bring dreams and emotions to life.
Federico de Majo has always worked in the world of glass, starting off in the Murano glassworks of the family and dedicating himself to the sector of illumination to then move on to the creation of Zafferano, a company where design and glass working find their perfect combination.
In fact, Zafferano originated from the Venetian designer’s idea of creating an Italian brand to accompany and bring out the best of those talents thanks to which our country has become famous all over the world: design, wine production and haute cuisine. Likewise, it offers an emotional experience in homes, giving wine lovers and passionate about cuisine and tableware the opportunity to choose and creatively match objects that best suit their personality and their own style of hospitality.

Culture of the design and deep knowledge of the working of glass: this blend of passion and experience accumulated over the years by Federico de Majo, working with master glassblowers, has given rise to Zafferano collections.
Thanks also to this patrimony of competence in the field of design, the company is always ready to realize customized products, varying the production in the catalogue according to the specifications and aesthetic details requested.
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Zafferano has been lending its know-how in glassmaking to the catering and hospitality sector for over fifteen years, meticulously researching and developing, with an innovative twist, new products and functions. This dynamic and creative company is always ready to accommodate customer needs and market trends.

Therefore, the company has strived to develop new solutions based on a combination of artistic taste, research into new shapes, and careful attention to details and the choice of materials. With regard to the artistic and cultural aspects of materials, Zafferano stands out for its design expertise, as if it were an artisan workshop, and for creating innovative solutions involving the application of processes and functions.

For Zafferano, innovation means using special materials like fine crystal glass for the wine tasting collection or borosilicate glass for tableware. Although such choices sometimes clash with standardized trends on the market, they are made due to their important technical features. This has led to the re-introduction of ancient glassmaking techniques in combination with the contemporary and "democratic" use of coloured tumblers, as in the Perle collection. This is also highlighted in the unique collection of Esperienze wine-tasting glasses, which have brought a whole new experience to wine tasting thanks to distinct ripples at the bottom of the glass, in the "mix & match" solutions of the Melting Pot collection and in the new porcelainware collections that offer original ideas in tableware.
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