BINV1955: the new brand of Murano glass collections by Zafferano
BINV1955: the new brand of Murano glass collections by Zafferano
28 June 2017
A story that started in Murano now returns to Murano.
BINV1955 (Born in Venice 1955) is the latest brand from Zafferano created to bring together new collections entirely made of Murano glass. This project, in the pipeline for some time, is now expressed in this new brand that will also have its own specific catalogue in spring 2018.
The idea stemmed from Federico de Majo's desire to return to the tradition of Venetian art glass, the starting point of his professional career at a furnace on the island of Murano, when, still a young boy, he began to work at his family's factory. His first-hand experience alongside skilled glassmakers, who marked the history of Murano glassmaking, gave rise to his business path: initially focused on lighting, followed by the wine tasting world, tableware with Zafferano, and then a return to lighting with the brands AiLati and Zafferano Bespoke Glass Lighting.
Now Federico's business has come full circle with his return to Venice, with a brand entirely dedicated to superior quality "made in Italy" Murano glassware. The brand will focus on conveying and spreading awareness of the importance of the glassmaking tradition.
This desire to resume business on the island of Murano led to the decision to establish new partnerships with leading institutions in the lagoon city. Hence the three-year agreement that involves Zafferano as a supporting member of the Fondazione Teatro La Fenice and its participation at the “Luxus” exhibition currently being held at the Venice Pavilion on the occasion of the 57th International Art Exhibition - Venice Biennale, until 26 November 2017.
BINV1955 will include tumblers, wine glasses, bottles and decanters, made of coloured and clear glass. All products are in handcrafted mouth-blown glass, with Murano glass certification. Some items will be produced exclusively in limited editions. Traditional Murano glass techniques and colours, with a contemporary design, will be employed for products intended for everyday use in the catering and hospitality sectors, and for social occasions. The first prototypes will be presented at the HOMI trade fair in September and at Host in October.
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