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Collaborating with "Chefs for Life" at a charity event
22 November 2019
A “starred” event took place on Thursday 21 November at Malvezzi Castle in Brescia with “Chefs for Life” as part of the “Stars for Children” project. Zafferano participated in the special evening entitled “Night of the Stars”, providing its Vem collections of wine glasses and Tirache tumblers to set up the mise en place, illuminated by Poldina portable and rechargeable lamps.

In the evocative setting of Malvezzi Castle, an exceptional team of chefs worked together to make it an event in support of the Paediatric Department of the “Spedali Civili” hospital in Brescia.
Bobo Cerea (Michelin 3-star chef), Gennaro Esposito (Michelin Chef Mentor 2020 Award and Michelin 2-star chef), Debora Massari, Philippe Leveillé, Beppe Maffioli, Franco Pepe and Giuliana Germiniasi are just a few of the 32 Michelin-starred chefs that are at the heart of "Stars for Children". This project is included in the week of celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the rights of children and adolescents launched by the “Ospedale dei Bambini” hospital in Brescia.

The event was promoted by the entrepreneur and owner of Promotica, Diego Toscani, and by Chef Ljubika Komlenic, in the dual role of chef and organiser. The creators of “Chefs for Life” aim to raise funds to support institutions and associations that carry out important activities of a social and charitable nature by organising events where Chefs join up and network, making the essential value of food visible in practice, which is sharing and the pleasure of cooking together to create something special.
The proceeds from the evening will be entirely donated.
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