Latest designs for 2016 in tableware and FEDERICOdeMAJO
Latest designs for 2016 in tableware and FEDERICOdeMAJO
07 February 2016
We will be presenting many new ideas at Ambiente, an appointment where Zafferano will participate from the 12 to 16 February.
Above all the catalogue dedicated to “Wine Tasting” (Degustazione) has been renewed, with the introduction of the Scaligero series and a simplified articulation of the collections, to further improve the quality of service to the customer.
In the  “Coloured Tableware”, as well as introducing Rhapsody in blue, a porcelain series, and the new accessories in borosilicate glass of the Bilia series that make up the mini-series Bilia finger food, the Tue collection particularly broadens the proposal, for the colors, forms and combinations. Making an even more colorful table…
And there are just as many surprises proposed by the new brand FEDERICOdeMAJO, particularly the introduction of various products in metallic glass (silver, old gold, bronze and rose gold) in the Romeo e Giulietta series. These are the protagonists of a marketing campaign oriented towards the German market, through the Darc Magazine.
Zafferano Italia