Our inspirations …awaiting the summer!
Our inspirations …awaiting the summer!
22 May 2019
Bright colours, creative ideas for all contexts and a multitude of solutions for adding a personal touch to your surroundings and making them attractive, dynamic and, for that matter… unique.

We are curious by nature. A passion for beautiful, simple and functional things leads us to develop collections of tableware and lighting, with our special taste for all-Italian design.

Every day, such devotion is the driving force behind our research, our curiosity and the meticulous attention we give to the details of our products, always trying to offer the best to those who choose the Zafferano brand.

These inspirations are an invitation to have a colourful outdoor experience, with a touch of playfulness and creativity.

Photos aboard the catamaran Ombre Blu3: credits Ombre Blu3 Unique Sailing, photo Guido Cantini