The pleasure of drinking wine begins with the glass. More exactly, from the goblet, the wine tasting glass. The shape of the wine glass determines how the wealth of aromas and flavours in a wine will be released. This means that a given wine will have different nuances, depending on the glass it is poured into. The selection of the right tasting glass will allow the wine to express all its particular qualities, and the nobler the wine, the more important this selection becomes.
However, functionality is not that one of the issues to be considered, since tasting glasses also require elegance and sophistication. Zafferano tasting glasses, which are made of crystal glass, combine a sophisticated aesthetic feature with a technical content. The high quality of this material, appropriately selected for the production of tasting glasses, ensure transparency, elasticity and resistance to washing.
The choice of materials, the functionality, the study of shape – refined and technical at the same time – all these bear witness to the great attention paid to design and product research that characterizes the trademark Zafferano.

Zafferano Italia