We actually thought we couldn’t do anything else that was innovative in the field of wine-tasting and serving, and yet the meticulous attention applied to the shapes in this collection, and the virtually maniacal search for lightness have endowed these excellent glasses with an exceptional quality. The shapes of these ultra-light wine-tasting glasses are designed to suit different wines. Their common feature is a rim that ensures the smooth flow of wine, whereas the main characteristics of the new wine-tasting glasses in the collection are their elegance and simple shape. As such, white wine, red wine, important reds, aromatic and distilled wines, spumanti and champagne can all be enjoyed with the usual delight but with the added element of the surprising ‘agility’ of the glass which makes the tasting such a unique experience. Probably the lightest glasses for tasting ever made, these have been designed by Federico de Majo who once again has shown his extraordinary passion and skill in searching to create something simply beautiful.

Zafferano Italia