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Our Lighting Sales Meeting in Murano
Our Lighting Sales Meeting in Murano
02 Dicembre 2019
The island of Murano is the location we have chosen for our usual annual meeting with our Italian and foreign agents and distributors in the lighting sector.
Murano is not merely a place of enchanting beauty immersed in the silence of the lagoon. When on the island, you can personally experience the fascinating centuries-old glassmaking tradition, which never ceases to amaze and excite you as you experience its smells, noises and colours. But what brought us to Murano is the very special bond that Zafferano has with this island: the company’s history stems from this special place. The many years Federico de Majo spent in Murano, when working in the family-run glassworks, and his long-lasting love of glass led him away from the island only to make him return… home.
Some of the collections in the Zafferano Bespoke Glass Lighting catalogue are made in Murano, such as Balloon, Mariposa and Luce Liquida.
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