6 October 2023

New finishes enrich Zafferano’s range of cordless lamps

New finishes enrich Zafferano’s range of cordless lamps

New, precious finishes enrich Zafferano’s range of cordless lamps: matte black and craquelé gold dress up Poldina, Poldina Micro and Pina with a new allure.

If black is the color of elegance and mystery, then the “total black” version of Poldina is the most sophisticated finishing of Zafferano’s iconic best-selling lamp. Extremely versatile, it fits into any environment with discreet yet bold style, evoking timeless class and sophistication.

The craquelé finish is created through the manual application of a gold-colored metal leaf: this process imitates a superficial pattern of cracks, which reveal the background color, creating a pleasing contrast in color and texture. Pina‘s craquelé finish is available on a black background; while Poldina and Poldina Micro’s craquelé finish is available on black, red and blue backgrounds. Due to the manual technique, the final appearance of the lamps may differ. Any discrepancies attest to the value and uniqueness of each lamp and should not be considered as imperfections.

Just like the other portable and rechargeable lamps in the Zafferano catalog, these new versions are made of die-cast aluminum; they are turned on/off, and dimmed with a touch; they are recharged with a contact base; and they allow the user to choose the color temperature of the LED light between 2200K, 2700K, and 3000K. The black version of Poldina is suitable for outdoor use due to its high IP65 rating; while those with craquelé finish with gold leaf are not suitable for outdoor use.