9 January 2023

Zafferano Lampes-à-porter new catalog

Zafferano Lampes-à-porter new catalog

Let’s start the New Year with some good news!
The release of the “Zafferano Lampes-à-porter 2023” General Catalog, featuring all portable and rechargeable battery lamps, is now available.

This edition adds the following products:
Poldina L desk
Poldina Reverso
• Pina in the new gold, silver, and copper leaf finishes
• new accessory allows the use of model Home also as a wall lamp.
• some made in Italy ceramic accessories: covers for Poldina, lampshades for Swap, and trays for Pina.


The catalog has been improved to make easier and more immediate to read:
– The introductory texts of the collections have been standardized, dividing the information in a clear and consistent way;
– The opening still life photos portray each model in a dark grey finish, which highlights the shape of the lamp. Furthermore, the “mini”, “micro” and “L desk” table models are shown next to the “standard” lamp, so that dimensional differences stand out;
– The new edition is richer in pictures, thanks to the photos of new references and settings that demonstrate the versatility of Zafferano products;
– The catalog becomes interactive: QR codes have been added which link to product videos: inspirational clips, such as the Poldina TV commercial, and useful videos, such as those showing the assembly of the Swap covers;
– In the technical section of each model, the lower part of the page shows which accessories are included which are not.


Download the digital copy of the catalog from our website.
Or, browse it online at Issuu: https://issuu.com/zafferanoitalia/docs/zafferano_lap_catalog_catlap23-01_low