Creativity and Italian design make up the basis for product design and realization of each Zafferano product.
Founder Federico de Majo has always worked in the glass industry, starting off in his family’s Murano glassworks. Thanks to his experience in glass-making and to his passion for design, Federico de Majo today creates collections that stand out at an international level for originality and creativity.
Zafferano was born thanks to the Venetian designer’s idea to develop Italian products that accompany and highlight the talent that has allowed our country to achieve international renown in the fields of sophisticated design, wine production and haute cuisine.
Nowadays, Federico de Majo designs products for Zafferano, putting his experience into practice and paying meticulous attention to researching and developing new shapes and uses.

With his experience gained over the years alongside skilled glassmakers and his passion for glass and design, Federico de Majo has created collections that have soon made their mark internationally due to their originality and the innovative techniques involved.
Furthermore, thanks to this heritage of expertise in design, the company is able to meet demands for custom-made products, adapting its catalogue products according to the specifications and aesthetic details required.

federico de majo zafferano

Strengthened by this important experience in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, which demands high-quality raw materials and services, Zafferano has also lent its dynamic design to the retail sector.
Also in this sector, Zafferano strives to combine the all-Italian taste and refinement of the products offered with ongoing research into details, materials and perfect functionality to bring the “beauty” of artistic glasswork to objects for everyday use.

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At home, as in the most prestigious hospitality locations, mise en place designed by Zafferano always stir emotions as a result of the multi-functional and multi-sensory nature of its glass and porcelain products.
The wide range of products allows a choice of objects to best suit the customer’s personality and style of hospitality, also allowing them to be matched in a creative and original way.
One example is Melting Pot, tableware that combines ever-new solutions in a wide variety of shapes and colours, available in various product lines.

zafferano federico de majo designer