14 July 2019

Poldina superstar

Poldina superstar

Our Poldina is now used to being a centrepiece in the trendiest hospitality facilities and meeting places full of atmosphere. Graceful and discreet, it is the ideal faithful companion for moments spent alone or in good company.

Poldina has been chosen to create an evocative setting in a multitude of contexts. Terraces on breathtaking sunsets, pools overlooking dreamlike places, the silent witness with much intimacy for mise en place of unparalleled elegance and sophistication… it is difficult to give an extensive list. Among the most recent, unexpected and unusual locations, Poldina is the “bright setting” of the installation “Hillary. The Hillary Clinton Emails”, a project by the American poet and artist Kenneth Goldsmith, under the direction of co-curators Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, produced by The Internet Saga – Zuecca Projects. It can be visited at the Despar Teatro Italia supermarket in Venice until 24th November.

The portable rechargeable lamp, which can be moved and placed anywhere, is a dynamic and charming alternative to ambient lighting. Poldina can be used to create the right atmosphere at the dining table of a restaurant or any lounge bar. It can be used for dinner on a terrace, for a romantic picnic or one among friends, or simply for reading under the stars … and with a little imagination, there is no limit to the extent of its use. This functional and versatile object, with simple touch control, combines practicality with elegant clear-cut design. A “touch” of magic.

And you, do you have a Poldina for your moments of relaxation on holiday?

Exhibition photo credits: Kenneth Goldsmith, HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails, curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, exhibition view, © Giorgio De Vecchi. Gerda Studio 2019