27 October 2021

Zafferano Lampes-à-porter: special edition of Poldina x Peanuts.

Zafferano Lampes-à-porter: special edition of Poldina x Peanuts.

“Over the last two years, the battery-operated, portable and rechargeable Poldina lamp has been one of our best sellers: restaurateurs use it to light up their new patios, but it’s also popular with children, adults, young couples, architects and interior designers. Everyone appreciates its simple, almost archetypal design, the wide range of colours available and its user-friendliness. To celebrate our 20-year anniversary as a company, we also sought a collaboration that would highlight the popularity and originality of this product: we wanted a brand that is recognisable, timeless and loved by a diverse set of customers, which would further make Poldina stand out from other similar lamps on the market. We are happy and proud to work with Peanuts to produce and market these five versions.”
With these words Federico de Majo, the founder and owner of the company, comments the collaboration with Peanuts, the feature created by Charles Schulz and first published in 1950, and one of the best-known comic strips in the world. The characters have been beloved by generations of adults and children alike. Each member of the Peanuts gang has universal characteristics that have made them part of the collective imagination. Shy, hypersensitive, and kind-hearted Charlie Brown, intellectual Linus (inseparable from his blanket), selfish, bossy Lucy…but, above all, Snoopy, the brilliant and imaginative beagle, are classic, timeless figures with whom every reader can identify.

The outcome of the Poldina x Peanuts collaboration, mediated by the Italian team of leading licensing agency, WildBrain CPLG, is a set of five lamps featuring different subjects:

  • Aviator” features Snoopy as a World War I Flying Ace, on the roof of his doghouse. This version comes with a white lampshade and a red column and base;
  • Heart” also features Snoopy, embracing a big red heart;
  • In the “Friends” version, Snoopy is embracing his little friend Woodstock;
  • The “Strip” version has a comic strip printed on the diffuser showing Snoopy writing his novel;
  • The “Together” version includes all the Peanuts characters, printed around the lampshade, as if facing a low wall. This version is also two-tone: a white lampshade and a corten column and base.

Starting from 15th November, the new Poldina x Peanuts lamps are available on zafferanoeshop.it, at Zafferano Stores in Treviso and Milan, and from selected retailers in Italy and abroad.