13 May 2024

Zafferano sponsors Jesolo Cocktail Experience 2024

Zafferano sponsors Jesolo Cocktail Experience 2024

Jesolo Cocktail Experience, now in its second edition, will once again offer a full calendar of events: masterclasses, seminars and meetings that will give participants – operators along the coast between Cavallino and Bibione – the opportunity to gain insights into how to improve the commercial approach of their activities, but also to taste limited edition cocktails, meet bartenders and hear the stories behind their creations.

At the request of Samuele Ambrosi (bar designer, former World Mixology Champion and technical director of the event), Zafferano will provide the glasses that will be used to serve the cocktails paired with each course at the press dinner on Friday, May 10, at the Flora restaurant. In addition, the Zafferano glasses will be presented – again by Ambrosi – during the Masterclass to be held on May 17 at the ITS Academy Turismo.

Paolo De Osti, Sales Director at Zafferano, commented: “We are participating for the first time and with enthusiasm in the Jesolo Cocktail Experience: an excellent opportunity to promote our products, but also to communicate the breadth of the range, which goes far beyond the portable Poldina lamp for which the brand has become known. The company was founded in 2001 specifically to produce wine tasting glasses, including “Experiences”, an iconic patented model. We firmly believe that the tasting of wines and cocktails is enhanced by a suitable vessel in terms of shape, size, proportions and quality: aware of the evolution of the world of bartending, Zafferano has entrusted Samuele Ambrosi with the task of studying and designing a new line of glasses specifically for mixology, to be launched by the end of 2024″.

Samuele Ambrosi adds: “Promoting a culture of quality beverage consumption means taking care of every aspect of this experience. The market offers excellent products, but for a long time I wanted to create a line with the formal and functional characteristics that are important to me. I chose Zafferano as a partner because I have known and used their products for a long time, which I consider to be of excellent quality, and because we are both based in Treviso. When the opportunity arose, I didn’t hesitate to seize it: after careful research into style and consistency in relation to the world of modern mixing, I designed a collection of glasses that I can’t wait to present.”

The range of products for bartending by Zafferano currently includes the Veneziano Mixology (designed by Federico de Majo), Margherita and Righe families: unprecedented lines of glasses, tumblers and goblets designed to satisfy the needs of professional bartenders and their guests. Characterized by a modern and elegant design that balances practicality and charm, these mixology items are available in different formats to present both contemporary and classic cocktails, always with style. The shape and finish are designed to allow the consumer to fully appreciate the fragrance of each cocktail, making the tasting experience even more enjoyable. Dishwasher safe at 60° C.