23 May 2022



In continuity with the advertising activities launched in November 2020, at the end of May 2022 Zafferano launches a new, massive B2C advertising campaign whose objective is to promote Poldina to the public of Italian consumers, further increasing its popularity; recounting the characteristics that make it unique and original and therefore consolidating its notoriety as a synonym of portable lamp; reinforcing the link with the Zafferano brand; and finally supporting its sales before the summer period. The campaign will be organized simultaneously on different media – television, print and digital – in a concentrated way from May 19 until the beginning of July, while some digital activities will continue until the end of the year.


  • on 19, 24 and 26 May, Poldina is in “product placement” in the series “Don Matteo 13”, the unstoppable success fiction broadcast in prime time on Rai1 and also visible on RaiPlay;
  • 322 passages of the 15 ”commercial on the national television network La7 from 29 May to 18 June.

Printed paper

  • from 30 May to 29 June, 14 advertisements – including full pages and “tower” format – in the national newspaper Corriere della Sera;
  • 2 full pages on Corriere del Veneto – back of the national newspaper – on 13 and 28 June;
  • 4 full pages on the female insert Io Donna (every Saturday attached to the Courier) on 11, 18, 25 June and 2 July;
  • 1 page up Gardenia,monthly magazine dedicated to botanical culture and the passion for gardening, to be released on 1 July;
  • 1 double advertorial page in the monthly magazine Living (distributed as an attachment to the Corriere but also separately) to be released on 7 September.


  • From Wednesday 18 May until the end of the year there is an incisive and articulated campaign of sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social platforms, and of “Display“, “Search” and “Shopping” ads on Google ADS and Microsoft Avertising (Bing, Yahoo);
  • from 23 May to 12 June and from 20 June to 3 July, 5 weeks of digital advertising on corriere.it and the other sites of the Cairo / RCS network will guarantee 3.5 million views;
  • Finally, from mid-June we will start a Social Branded Content activity project on the Instagram profiles of IoDonnaLiving e Gardenia (2 posts in feed + 2 sets of stories in each profile, to tell the character and uniqueness of Poldina) with a guaranteed reach of another 2.5 million users.

The television commercial tells three short stories, intertwined, in which the lamp is used as a “modern candle”, in different situations: in the end, all the characters reach a dark and quiet place where they can admire the full moon, whose image in closing it overlaps with that of Poldina. In a poetic and dreamy atmosphere, a voiceover describes Poldina as “the light where you have never seen it before”: the faithful wireless luminous companion who brings light wherever it is needed, even where the electricity grid does not reach. The “sound logo” at the end of the commercial – three notes, which echo the three syllables of the name Poldina – attracts the attention of the listener and reaches the audience even when they are not looking at the screen. It is possible to see the 60 ”version of the spot on YouTube, with updated logo, on the Zafferano YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/2H_Q0KH6q3Y
The creativity of print and digital media derives mainly from that of the commercial, which visually expresses the concept “Light where you have never seen it” to convey the dynamism and versatility of wireless lamps. The claim also emphasizes the concept of “originality” of the lamp, with respect to our brand.
Finally, images for social media are a mix of formats and visuals (static and video) that dynamically adapt to the context.

Excluding social actions, this campaign is expected to reach over 7 million users, who will be exposed about 7 times to our advertisements.